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Daisy Taylor, born and living in Perth is an artist who focuses mainly on sculpture and installation. Her work is inspired by her own life and her themes focus on past and present experiences. She works mainly in three dimensions with mixed media that can include photography, acrylic paint and found objects. She likes her art to have a big impact on the viewer, so her work is often large scale. Taylor is currently completing a BA(Hons) in Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice at Perth College UHI and will graduate in 2021. Taught by artists, Simon Reekie and Frank To who are both well know in Scotland, this has inspired her work greatly. During her college career, Taylor has appeared in a few exhibitions including The World Aids Day Exhibition in Perth Theatre in 2017, Members Show at Dundee Generator in 2018, Liminality at Perth Library in 2019 and Art Angel Year Three Final Show at Dundee in 2020.



Daisy Taylor

I create artwork from mixed media, I will use painting, photography and found objects to make my work as this gives me free reign to create without boundaries. I enjoy working in three dimensions as I like the idea of the viewer walking around and embracing my art instead of just looking at it hung up on the wall. A big inspiration for my work has been the artist ‘Joseph Cornell’ who created glass-fronted boxes filled with object he found and put together to tell a story. I like working with large scale artworks as I want my work to stand out in the space it is being showed in and have an impact on whoever sees it.

My themes for the art I create are related to my life experiences, both good and bad. I work a lot with looking at my fears which other people may have also and find ways to help battle them through the act of making. I use nature in a lot of the projects I do, especially focussing on trees as they are a symbol of life, strength and growth. My vision for the future is to continue creating artworks that benefit my life and wellbeing as well as helping others also.






Created to raise awareness and battle the stigma against AIDS sufferers. 'Hope' was exhibited in Perth Theatre in November 2017. Three mannequins were created (two men and one woman) that represented AIDS suffers. From left to right, the first mannequin had newspaper cuttings of stories good and bad that had made the papers during the AIDS crisis, the second was covered in loving and supporting words and the third was printed with hearts to portray the ending on stigma.



Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice BA(Hons)

In May 2020, I will be graduating from Perth College UHI from my Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice BA(Hons) course.
For my degree, I will be looking at how art can create confidence and happiness in people with mental health issues. in order to research this theme, I will be doing workshops at the PKAVS Walled Garden in Perth where I have been volunteering once a week for a year. The Walled Garden is a place people who are recovering from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression can come to take part in different activities such as gardening, cooking, walking and art.



Perth, Scotland

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